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Marketing and PR are expensive.

What if there was another way?

To give you a frame of reference, our agency typically starts marketing and public relations services at $2500 monthly, scaling up to campaigns reaching $40,000 monthly. Our newsletter offers professional insights at a fraction of the cost, just $40 monthly, catering to the lean* or small business. Think of this option as your virtual agency, complete with weekly office hours.

*Note that having a lean business does not mean you are not doing well; lean means focusing on efficiency and minimizing outsourcing. Many large, successful companies opt for lean experiences, and many smaller, local businesses are considered lean.

Ark7 Edge Offers the Results You Need at the Price You Want

Every month, you will receive a newsletter that includes three “easy to fit in your schedule” focused marketing tips with any support material that may support them, such as templates, insights/brainstorming ideas, prompts, and how-to guides, along with the opportunity to send a query to the office to ask questions or brainstorm further to your specific needs.

We remove the hassle and confusion, giving clear inbound and outbound marketing and publicity tips to help you reach your goals.

You will receive an immediate evergreen newsletter to prepare you for the months ahead.

  • Publicity Tips

  • Monthly Support

  • Site Audit Options

  • Marketing Schedule

  • Feature Opportunities

  • Done-for-You Templates

  • Trend and Newsjack Alerts

  • Marketing Braindump and Prompts

  • Bonus Sessions, Workshops & Collaborations

The Ark7 Edge

  • Each Month|(1) Immediate (1) Future + Support Tips
  • + (at least one) Bonus item

Every month, you will receive immediate, future, and bonus assets in the newsletter – content ideas encompassing various resources, templates, guides, and tools.

You will receive the email from, so please add that email as a contact so that you never miss a newsletter.

What is in the newsletter?

  1. An Immediate Asset
  2. A Future Asset
  3. Bonus Assets


  • In your business, there will be current needs or trends that we need to act quickly on. These are the “now” events.
  • If needed, these will come with a template for you to customize and brainstorm on how to use this ethically to your advantage.


  • You might not consider these items, but you must plan for them. We give you a game plan to keep on your radar and prep for so that when the time arrives, you are ready to market or promote yourself to your community, be it local or national. For instance, most magazines are running features 3-6 months out, so if you develop a winter holiday promotion, I will help you develop and get it on their radar in summer/fall.
  • Some professionals will promote their business locally but themselves nationally or internationally, and we will help you navigate those waters.

Bonus Items

  • We always have weekly virtual office hours, so you can email agency owner Michele Paiva questions, brainstorm, or share your needs. Emails are returned each Wednesday through Friday.
  • Bonus items like site audits, workshops, newsjacking, and other items are added periodically to regular content.

What Brands Would Benefit?

The Ark7 Edge

  • Each Month|(1) Immediate + (1)Future + Support Tips
  • + (at least one) Bonus item

Please refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page for important information regarding the use of our content.

A Small Sample of the Media We’ve Worked With

We have worked with over 500 media brands and hundreds of medical, financial, and business-to-consumer brands.

What the Edge Offers:

Stay ahead of the curve with in-depth analysis and trends in marketing and PR strategies to position you and your organization as a leader and expert.

Unlock innovative promotional techniques and campaigns proven to drive engagement and drive brand visibility.

Step-by-step guides and tutorials to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively DIY your marketing needs.

Bonus Content

Opportunities for Bouncing Ideas, Collaboration and Interaction

Exclusive Q & A Sessions

Gain access to weekly virtual office hours where subscribers can ask questions, seek advice, and brainstorm ideas with industry experts, providing personalized guidance tailored to their business needs.

Interactive Workshops

Participate in periodic Zoom calls featuring interactive workshops, deep dives into marketing and PR strategies, case studies, and live demonstrations, offering invaluable learning experiences and fostering a sense of community among subscribers.


Unlock opportunities to collaborate with others on group campaigns and projects, leveraging collective expertise and resources to execute impactful marketing and PR initiatives to foster collaboration and growth.

Grow your traffic

Learn how to leverage SEO and Media Opportunities.

Increase your sales

Boost visibility, credibility, and engagement to drive sales.


Business Edge

Businesses that invest in marketing and PR are 72% more likely to outperform competitors who do not prioritize these activities, gaining a significant edge in the marketplace.



The overall body of research suggests a strong correlation between strategic marketing efforts and establishing thought leadership such as industry recognition and authority within a given industry.


Lead Generation

Organizations that implement effective marketing strategies generate 50% more leads than those that don’t have a focused marketing approach. When adding publicity, that number grows, as well as the value per service.

We’ve helped others with internal and external marketing and public relations; we can help you

What you get:

The Ark7 Edge is where we guide you through the turbulent seas of marketing and public relations with modern neuromarketing and ancient wisdom.

Just as Noah navigated the floodwaters with precision and purpose, we provide you with a steadfast vessel to weather the ever-changing currents of the media landscape. Our monthly calendar serves as your compass, guiding you through each month with clarity and direction, much like the olive branch instructed Noah to land.

Prepare for the months ahead with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with the tools and strategies to thrive in any environment. Our newsletter delivers insights and the proverbial olive branch—a symbol of hope and renewal—as we reveal the secrets to securing top-tier press coverage and positioning yourself as a leader in your field.

But our mission goes beyond mere survival; it’s about flourishing in the face of adversity. As an Ark7 Edge community member, you’ll discover a sanctuary of collaboration and support. We’ll cultivate a network of like-minded professionals, sharing ideas and resources to achieve collective success.

Join The Ark7 Edge and embark on a journey of growth and transformation. Together, we’ll navigate to find your branches of success.


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